WMO opens Singapore regional office

The World Meteorological Organisation in August 2017 opened a new regional office in Singapore. The new office will play a key role in improving coordination on hazards ranging from floods to fires and in strengthening meteorological services for key economic sectors such as air and marine transport. The regional office is being hosted by the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) and will serve as the nerve centre for WMO’s programmes in the region.

In this interview, Ian Harper of Pressuredrop – the Business of Weather talks to WMO Regional Director for Asia and the South-West Pacific, Dr Park Chung Kyu, who will head the new office.


About Dr Park

Dr Park was appointed the Director, Regional Office for Asia & the South-West Pacific in 2013. Prior to that, he served as the Director-General of the Planning and Coordination Bureau, the Meteorological Industry & Information Technology Bureau, and the Climate Science Bureau of the Korea Meteorological Administration between 2009 and 2013. He served as the Director-General of the Metropolitan Air Quality Management Office at the Korean Ministry of Environment (2008 – 2009), and the Executive Director of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Climate Center based in Korea between 2005 and 2008.

For more information see the WMO Press Release

The Global Refugee Crisis – From Economics to Climate Change

Foreign Affairs, October 13, 2015 Refugees & Migration

In this edition of Foreign Affairs Unedited, a panel of Foreign Affairs experts, including Sebastian Mallaby, Péter Krekó, Tara Zahra, Sebastian Elischer, and Patrick Sykes, chime in on the many issues surrounding the ongoing global refugee crisis.

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To learn more on the subject, check out the related reading: Net Benefits by Sebastian Mallaby, Scaling the Wall by Péter Krekó and Attila Juhász, The Return of No-Man’s Land by Tara Zahra, Sinking States by Patrick Sykes, and The EU’s Migration Diversion by Sebastian Elischer.

This podcast has been edited and condensed.

Source: Foreign Affairs, October 13, 2015 Refugees & Migration

Myron Ebell – Profound implications for US environment policies?

BBC HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to Myron Ebell, who led President Trump’s transition team on environment policy and has long been an advocate of radical reform of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. The Trump administration seems intent on a radical reset of America’s energy and environment policies. The implications will be profound on everything from fossil fuel production to climate change policy. In America’s new politics will the interests of big business consistently overshadow environmental concerns?

Insurance – El Nino and the African Risk Capacity Project

Willis Insurance Global Weather Risks Practice

Pressuredrop talks to Julian Roberts, Executive Director of Willis Insurance Global Weather Risks Practice, 26 November 2014.

The interview covers two areas – firstly, insurance to cover the impact of El Nino events on industries such as agriculture. Secondly, the African Risk Capacity Project, which assists African Union member states improve their resilience to extreme weather events and natural disasters by helping to protect their food security.