The Global Refugee Crisis – From Economics to Climate Change

Foreign Affairs, October 13, 2015 Refugees & Migration

In this edition of Foreign Affairs Unedited, a panel of Foreign Affairs experts, including Sebastian Mallaby, Péter Krekó, Tara Zahra, Sebastian Elischer, and Patrick Sykes, chime in on the many issues surrounding the ongoing global refugee crisis.

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To learn more on the subject, check out the related reading: Net Benefits by Sebastian Mallaby, Scaling the Wall by Péter Krekó and Attila Juhász, The Return of No-Man’s Land by Tara Zahra, Sinking States by Patrick Sykes, and The EU’s Migration Diversion by Sebastian Elischer.

This podcast has been edited and condensed.

Source: Foreign Affairs, October 13, 2015 Refugees & Migration